Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Fast, Reliable and Fully-Managed WordPress Web Hosting

A business website is only as strong as its web hosting provider. Without a website, business and commerce comes to a grinding halt.

Your company needs a hands-off web hosting plan to keep your customers and your website visitors happy – and sales coming in.

Since you’ve decided to create a new website and you know you want it built on WordPress, now you need to think about who will host it and where it will live.

, Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Finding dependable managed web hosting for WordPress is a vital step in building a successful website. How your site is hosted directly affects how information is delivered to your current and potential customers. Customers are looking for speed, secure browsing, a good experience – and a site that works 24/7.

As you begin to research WordPress secure web hosting options, you will discover there are countless web hosting services available that meet the WordPress minimum requirements for hosting. With all those choices, it may be difficult to narrow down which host is best for your business.

At TOBEADACOMPLIANT, we believe our managed hosting services for WordPress are an exceptional option. We offer benefits for companies beyond hosting and our available support can help you drive your business.

Contact TOBEADACOMPLIANT for a full suite of web hosting services for small companies and nonprofits. Talk to our experts at (949) 328-1812 or email us at for more information.

TOBEADACOMPLIANT Web Solutions Provides Worry-Free Managed Web Hosting for WordPress

Since our inception, TOBEADACOMPLIANT has offered premiere managed hosting services for WordPress. The data-centers that serve your website help us to protect your site and in turn protects, your products, services and data – and your customer’s data. This way, you can keep your focus on growing your business.

The TOBEADACOMPLIANT team delivers premium services and support and plans tailed for WordPress.

When you join us, your website is housed in data-centers with multiple reliable Internet providers, which means your website is always available and secure. We’re confident our managed hosting services for WordPress will improve your website’s performance, as well as keep your data secure. This peace of mind is priceless.

, Best Managed WordPress Hosting

30 Days of Backups Available

We back up your website daily and always have 30 days of backups available for you. So should something go wrong, we’ve got your back.

Security for Your Business and Your Customers

When you choose TOBEADACOMPLIANT to host your site, we offer additional services beyond security.

Software Maintenance and Updates

As your host, the TOBEADACOMPLIANT team will keep your website technology up-to-date. We focus on updating your WordPress Core twice per month. These files provide the foundation and functionality of the WordPress platform. We are always available for content updates and website changes including design tweaks, new plugins and images.


Added Protection – Security for Your Customers

Businesses need to protect their data and their customer’s data online from cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities. A standard approach to this is to use SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, as a standard security protocol for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser. This means the data that transmits between the two is protected by the SSL. When you see HTTPS and/or a padlock icon in your address bar, you’ll know you are on a secure website with SSL configured.

Here’s how it works: information sent by a user on the Internet is passed from computer to computer to get to the destination server. If it is not encrypted with an SSL certificate, any computer in between that user and the server can potentially see private information such as credit card numbers, usernames and passwords and other sensitive information.

, Best Managed WordPress Hosting

When you work with TOBEADACOMPLIANT, we will configure SSL for your site and then monitor and maintain it. An essential step in securing your site.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Available

While your website is hosted with TOBEADACOMPLIANT, your company will have access to a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which is a network of servers that deliver pages and web content to end-users based on their geographic locations, the origin of the webpage and the content delivery server.

By using a CDN, all users will have a consistent experience that is faster and the site is less likely to crash because CDNs work to your content across many servers instead of forcing one server handle everything.

, Best Managed WordPress Hosting

When you work with TOBEADACOMPLIANT, we will configure SSL for your site and then monitor and maintain it. An essential step in securing your site.

2 Separate Hosting Environments – Live Website and Staging

With TOBEADACOMPLIANT, you will have access to two hosting environments. One is a production environment, or where the live site sits – this is the website available to your website visitors. The production environment is separate from the Development or Staging environment.

The staging environment could be considered a sandbox where a duplicate of your live site is available for you to add new content to preview and test new potential features and functionality. This provides a true basis for quality assurance testing, allowing developers to clearly understand how updates will appear and function. Our technicians can help you as you navigate and experiment with improving your site.

, Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Ongoing Technical Support

By choosing TOBEADACOMPLIANT to keep your site safe, our team of specialists and technicians will also be there for you should you need website support. They can assist you as you look to make content updates, publish new pages and throughout the process of navigating the WordPress platform, to make sure you are fully utilizing the many features it offers. We can also help you add images to your site and make sure your site is accessible to all users.

The Internet is always changing and you want your website to keep up the pace. A website is never finished. Our tech support team will help you to make sure your website doesn’t become obsolete.

, Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Here’s Some Technical Info for You

Web hosting service provided by TOBEADACOMPLIANT always includes the following:

  • Daily and Hourly Site Backups with offsite storage
  • Free SSL Certificate (https://)
  • 24/7 security monitoring on all domains
  • 24/7 suspicious activity monitoring
  • Bi-weekly WordPress core software updates
  • Bi-weekly WordPress plugin updates
  • Firewall Protection
  • Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Protection
  • HTTP Intrusion Protection
  • Server Hardening
  • Monthly Vulnerability Scans
  • Web Server & PHP Hardening
  • Secure Temporary Directories
  • SSH/cPanel/FTP Hardening
, Best Managed WordPress Hosting
Don’t be overwhelmed by all the hosting options for your website. We can help you decide what you need and help you keep your website and data secure. To learn more about our support for managed hosting for WordPress, email